Honest eBay Ads Lands Hefty Profit For Dejected Woman

ditched woman sells her wedding dress on ebay Honest eBay Ads Lands Hefty Profit For Dejected Woman

samantha wragg sells her wedding dress on ebay to pay for her divorce after her husband ran off with another woman Honest eBay Ads Lands Hefty Profit For Dejected Woman

wedding dress require dry cleaning Honest eBay Ads Lands Hefty Profit For Dejected Woman

Samantha Wragg of Chesterfield, UK uploaded her dejected wedding dress for bid on eBay after her husband took off with another woman. Credits: Samantha Wragg/eBay.com

Samantha Wragg decided to ditch her £2,000 wedding dress on eBay after she found out her husband has cheated on her and expected her to pick up the tab on their divorce. In her eBay ads, she described the dress as in "Great condition but needs dry cleaning before wearing to get rid of the stench of betrayal." She goes on to say that "I didn't have time to get it dry-cleaned myself before my cheating scumbag of a husband decided to call an end to our marriage."


samantha wraggs ebay wedding dress bid Honest eBay Ads Lands Hefty Profit For Dejected Woman

Excerpt on Samantha Wragg wedding dress on eBay. Courtesy: eBay.com


Fortunate for her, bidding on ebay ended on August 21, 2016 with a total of 54 bids. The winning bid: £65,900.00, giving her a handsome profit for her misfortune!


ebay wedding dress bid complete Honest eBay Ads Lands Hefty Profit For Dejected Woman

Samantha's wedding dress originally cost her parents £2,000 sold for £65,900.00 on eBay. Courtesy: eBay.com


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2016 Asia’s Best Bar is in Singapore

2016 top ten asia bar list 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

Top 10 List of 2016 Best Bar in Asia. Image Credits: flickr.com/people/johnjoh/


Singapore has emerged with the Best Bar in Asia, dominating a ranking of the region's top 50 watering holes and taking the top spot with 28 Hongkong Street. This year's list of Top 10 best bars comprise of 4 from Singapore, 2 each from Hong Kong and Shanghai while Japan and Malaysia each has 1 one the list. In short, 154 qualified voters from Asian Academy are qualified to vote in Asia's Worlds50bestbars.com and they are selected from High level bartenders, experienced local and expatriates Bar consultants, well travelled Brand ambassadors and Journalists.

Top 10 List of Asia's Best Bars rated by Asia’s 50 Best Bar in 2016 are:



28 hongkong street 300x249 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

28 Hong Kong Street/

No. 1
28 Hongkong Street, Singapore
Gaining the Top spot is by no means a coincidence. Established in 2011, founders of 28 HongKong Street, Michael Callahan hired a PR firm while he himself a well traveled and experienced bar tender. The bar itself located in downtown Singapore. On the outside there is no flashy description but one can identify the bar with just its street number. Once past the front beige door
clients gets the taste of a diverse menu of cocktails like the $20 Modest Mule to Whore Bath, a mix of manuka honey vodka and Japanese Apricot liqueur, umeshu.



Speak Low Shanghai 300x185 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

Speak Low Bar, Shanghai

No. 2
Speak Low, 579 Fuxing Zhong Lu, Near Ruijin Er Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Behind every Bar, the success lies in the staffs that tends the bar. Speak Low boast one of the few Bars in Shanghai with female bar manager. Fay Chen is a talented cocktail mixer having won the Bacardi Legacy competition in 2015 with her Gold Fashioned's mix of Bacardi Gold, honey, longan water and Angostura bitters



high five bar tokyo japan 300x225 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

High Five Bar, Tokyo

No 3
High Five., Efflore Ginza5 Bldg. BF 5-4-15 Ginza Chuo-ward 104-0061 Tokyo, Japan
Founded by Hidetsugu Ueno, the famous Bar has moved from its original location to a new joint behind the Hermes boutique store next to SONY building. Hidetsugu himself is Japan's most famous cocktail maker. In addition, Kaori Kurakami head bartender at High Five is reportedly to be a Diageo World Class Japan champion.



lobster bar and grill hong kong 300x118 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

Shangri La's Lobster Bar & Grill in Hong Kong

No. 4
Lobster Bar & Grill, Hong Kong. Island Shangri-la, Supreme Court Road, LeveL 6, Pacific Place, Central, Hong Kong
Each famous bar has its own history that leads to success. The Lobster Bar & Grill in Hong Kong is famous for its impeccable service and much devotion towards making of cocktails. Opens in 1991, Agung Prabowo is the establishment Bar Manager who managed a constantly rotating classic cocktails, spirits, wines and liquors on the menu



manhattan bar regent singapore 300x200 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

Manhattan Bar, Regent Hotel Singapore.

No. 5
Manhattan, Regent Singapore, 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715
The grand design of wood, leather and dim lighting greets clients the moment they step into Manhattan Grand interior design. Located on Level 2, the Bar is inspired by the 19th century Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking



quinary bar kong kong 300x174 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

Quinary Bar in Hong Kong.

No. 6
Quinary, Hong Kong 56-58 Hollywood road, Hong Kong
The name Quinary means ‘a numeral system with five at its base’ traditionally recognized methods of perception, or senses namely hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. The Bar has been in the Top 50 list of Asia's 50 Best Bars, 3 times. The team comprise of Antonio Lai with his imfamous Earl Grey Caviar Martini. If you are a fan of marshmallow and lemon, the Bar manager, Samuel Kwok has a treat for you in the form of Lemon Meringue Pie, a concoction of sweet marshmallow foam and zesty limoncello with the fragrant characters from redistilled lavender gin.



operation dagger bar singapore 300x169 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

Operation Dagger Bar in Singapore

No. 7
Operation Dagger, Singapore. 7 Ann Siang Hill, 069791 Singapore
There is probably a shortage of barsmith in Singapore that grows a beard. Welcome to Operation Dagger where you will find well liked Luke Whearty who joined the Singapore bar scene since 2014 along with creative partner Aki Nishikura and Singapore born bartender, Juan Yijun.



jigger and pony bar 300x200 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

Jigger & Pony Bar in Singapore

No. 8
Jigger & Pony., 101 Amoy Street, 069921 Singapore.
Pick from the menu, a list of 24 cocktails categorized under Classic, Vintage and Signature. Traditional technique and premium spirits in their cocktails by bartenders at Jigger & pony coupled with the atmosphere will surely invoke the good times of the 19th century Golden era.



union trading company shanghai 300x225 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

Union Trading Company, Shanghai

No. 9
Union Trading Company. 64 Fenyang Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China
According to Texas born cofounder of Union Trading Company, it is not just the product or making drinks being the hard part of a cocktail bar. What matter more is the personality of the bar tender and instinct for hospitality. Combined with a cocktail menu change every 3 months depending on available seasonal ingredients, the Bar has been a hit with growing customer base.



omakase appreciate kuala lumpur 300x225 2016 Asias Best Bar is in Singapore

Omakase + Appreciate, Kuala Lumpur.

No. 10
Omakase + Appreciate, Kuala Lumpur. Bangunan Ming Annexe, Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Founded by 2 reputable bartenders, Karl Too and Shawn Chung where customers can expect drinks that is different and not to standard recipe.
Omakase in Japanese is a dining experience where the chef select the dishes but if you think about it, how much different would it be if you are a guest of honor and the host picks the dishes? Combining eastern experience while appreciating guests is a western orientation is what Omakase + Appreciate is all about.

Read more: http://www.worlds50bestbars.com/asia/index.php

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